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I love my bed so much + obsessions + possible art

Posted: June 29, 2015 by ashlynolive in Uncategorized

i plan to read every book on it,

Eat all of my breakfasts on it,

Watch every season of Supernatural on it,

Watch every season of Classic Who on it,

Re-watch every episode of Doctor Who on it,

Watch every season of Sherlock on it (soooon),

Listen to every album in it,

Even have all of my existential crisises on it.

Now that is love.


In other news, im becoming obsessed with the character Gerard Way created during My Chemical Romances final album (Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys), Party Poison. (Nooooooo, mum, it’s honestly not about Taking drugs, I’m not even being sarcastic, if anything, it’s quite the opposite) I just love the design, the concept, everything! 

He is a member of the colorful killjoys, the group of people that rebel from the bland, black and white society. He (and his group/band) dare to be colorful in a world of sameness, dare to have an imagination. It’s just freaking fantastic!

I have done some quick scetches, it has been quite a while since I’ve worked on an art project. That’s a crisis in its own, I don’t have my own style yet! My scetches seem to be leaning towards a more chibi/ anime crossover. I’ll have to work on that soon…

-xoxo Ash


Posted: June 27, 2015 by ashlynolive in Uncategorized

So, I got a new bed today!

Yeah umm the metal bars didn’t fit the bed frame some had to lay the mattress on the floor so I can sleep on it.

Thanks, random people at a garage sale.

-xoxo Ash

Updates and Other ‘Fun’ Stuff

Posted: June 27, 2015 by ashlynolive in Uncategorized

 Yes I don’t post on a regular basis, sorry. But, what do you expect? I’m not even thirteen yet (July 26!!) yet I have a WordPress blog, Facebook account, Twitter page, Instagram profile, Wattpad stories, Snapchat profile, Pinterest page, Tumblr blog, Skype messenger, YouTube (not a channel, my apologies. May be coming soon?), Vine account, YouNow (again, I don’t post. Just watch others), Kik, and various other messenging apps, and I’m expected to regularly post on every one of them, wich requires responsibility and hard work wich I do not have because I’m a preteen and I’m very irresponsible. (I’ll end up ranting, so don’t get me started on why I think we don’t deserve to be ignored, we have voices too, and it could be important.) So, sorry!

 I do hope to get onto a regular posting basis again, however. This will hopefully mean daily updates. I will try to get this place (my blog) a little more organized in the near future.

Oh also, today (or yesterday, seeing as I’m posting this at 1:00 am) same sex marriage was legalized in the U.S.!I’m so happy for all those gay, lesbian, bisexual, pan sexual, ect, couples who can finally marry! And that means so much more, too, not only is it all legal, but the happy coupleS can now share insurance, adopt, ect, when before, they could not. This is a fair sized leap in the battle for equality! 

 I think I covered everything…
-xoxo Ash 

I totally suggest that you do it. (Not really. I’ll be up until the early a.m.’s.). 

Yeah I haven’t posted in a while, but I have an excuse. I mainly working in fanfiction on Wattpad (@Ashlyn_Purdy) and obsessing over Instagram (@ash.the.pielord). I apologize that I haven’t been posting the fics on this blog, but Wattpad is a little more convinient. 

-xoxo Ashlyn ❤️💛💚💙💜


Posted: May 31, 2015 by ashlynolive in Uncategorized

i decided that I’m writing all of my stories/ fan fiction on Wattpad. Please follow ,y account @ashlyn_purdy

Thanks :3


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