WCIBN Chapter 3: Zoey

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So the rest of the morning was mainly me and Michael comparing interests and, you know, ranting about characters. It was fun yeah, until lunch. Michael introduced me to one of his friends, Zoey.

She just seemed, you know, suspicious. When she talked, her hands hardly moved and she never looked you in the eye. She seemed to try to stay a few feet away from me, and glared at Michael when she thought I wasn’t looking. It was fairly awkward and I just kind of stayed a little behind him to put something between me and Zoey.

Michael seemed to notice me and Zoey didn’t exactly click, so, he did the unspeakable. It went as the following:
Michael: “Hey, do you guys wanna stay at my house tonight? I have an Xbox and spare blankets.”
Me: “Uh, sure,” *chuckle* “As long as you’re not a crazy murderer.”
*Michael grins*
Zoey: “Oh, I’m not sure, I was going to go to the movies tonight…”
Michael: “With who?”
Zoey: “Oh, just me.”
Michael: “Zoey.”
Zoey: “Yeah?”
Michael: “You don’t have your license.”
Zoey: “Oh yeah um…my mom…she was going to drive me…”
Michael: “Zoey.”
Zoey: “Hmm?”
Michael: “Your mom is at work until ten.”
Zoey: “ARGH! Fine, I’ll go to your stupid house!”
Michael: *laughing* “Okay, after school alright? We can just walk to my house.”
*me and Zoey nod*

So I’m not sure weather to feel exited, anxious, or stressed. Help me.


I look around for Michael. He just recently told me to meet him in the hallway by the restrooms. I start pacing around. He should be here soon… I looked around again. No sign of him. I was about to give up and go to my bus, when all of a sudden I feel a sharp pain in my back. It took me by surprise and I stumble to the wall for support. It took a few seconds to catch my breath, then it was gone. Quick as a flash, like it never happened. Even though I was perplexed, I quickly became bored.

In an attempt to cure my boredom, I start chewing on my snakebites. It did no help, so instead I sank to the floor and rested my head against a row of lockers. It seems that on,y a few seconds later, I hear a few voices, and look up to see what is. The voices are Michael and Zoey, walking towards me with smiles on their faces. Finally, I think, it’s been forever.
“Hey, Veronica!” Michael called. “Are ‘ya ready?”
“Yeah!” I say, trying not to sound to relieved. I prepare to get up, but Michael’s hand is already there. I reluctantly reach for it, having trust issues, and is easily hauled up. I stare, just for a moment, into his eyes. They look almost like cat eyes, but I figure they are just contacts. I brush myself off, then looked at Zoey. She looks guilty, for what reason I don’t know. Shrugging it off, I try to create a conversation.
“So, where do you live?” I wonder aloud
“It’s actually only a few minutes walk from the school, by the park” Michael replied. Our neighborhood is somehow large enough to contain a huge park that had a lake, docks, a few grills, an open field, and a playground. It looks like the kind of park that you and a few friends could easily play laser tag at and blast screamo music and hardly anyone would yell at you.
“Cool, so what are the plans for tonight?” I question
“We could play a few video games until supper, then I was thinking we could have a small movie marathon, then play traditional sleepover games like truth or dare” Michael laughed. ” then tomorrow I was thinking we could play laser tag with a few of my friends.” Weird… Oh well. Zoey and I laughed, then we where off.
It was a very short walk, with some small talk and teasing. It seems like we only left the school when we entered Michael’s room. It was black with white paint splatters, and a dark red carpet. Posters for various bands adorned his walls. In the far left corner of his room hung a flatscreen TV, his bed in the far right corner. To the left of the door was a small wooden book case.
“Nice setup” Zoey complimented his TV. Taking a closer look, I noticed a few games scattered around with an assortment of game consoles lined up against the wall, including Playstations 3 and 4, a Wii and Wii u, Xbox 360, and a Xbox 1.
“Thanks,” he said, smiling. “You can toss your bags anywhere, I don’t mind.” Michael added. Zoey and I put our bags beside his bed and sat down on the floor. He already had Minecraft in on his Xbox 360 and we started playing. He had this cool house built, and we added a few rooms. We also went mining for a bit until Michael’s mom, Sally, and dad, Dean, brought supper (burritos) to Michael’s room.
“Invite Pierce The Veil and call it a fiesta,” I joked. Only Michael and Zoey got it, they both cracked grins while Sally and Dean tried their best to not to look confused.
“We hope you enjoy them, secret family recipe!” Sally said, pulling Dean out of the room. Ha, probably just got weirded out. I tend to do that to people.
“So,” Zoey started around a mouthful of burrito, “I say we do the T or D before the movies, since it’s still daylight.” Michael thought this over before giving one heck of a devilish smirk.
“Sure, who wants to start?” His gaze slipped over both of us before settling on Zoey. “Zoey, Truth… Or dare?”
“Dare” she replied after some thought.
“I…dare you to…” Michael was really thinking on this, I could practically hear the thoughts racing through his head. Something in public… Screaming, fake injury, rabies, sickness, whipped cream, pie, cake, wait… Hmmm… Rabies…. Whipped cream…. Well, looks like I know my next dare.
“I dare you to run down the street with whipped cream in your mouth screaming ‘I HAVE RABIES!’!” Michael said eagerly. Oh… Well…. Guess not. I couldn’t help myself, after a few seconds I started to giggle.
Zoey glared at me before replying with a simple “okay”. It was all to soon we where all gathered on a street block with a can of whipped cream and a video camera. Michael decided I would tape this, since this is my first sleepover with him.
“Annnnnd, go.” I giggled. Zoey took off, spraying whipped cream into her mouth every ten seconds and screamed ‘I HAB RAVISS’, which is what it sounded like with her mouth full. She even flagged down a car and told the driver. We didn’t last a minute before me and Michael collapsed from laughter. When we thought we calmed down, we just looked up at each other and burst out laughing again.

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