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Hi okay first off: sorry i haven’t been around I’ve been grounded from my electronics and I think that I’m experiencing something similar to withdrawal because I’m just depressed and I want my music and apps and I want to talk to you guys so sorry I’m still kinda grounded but it have some time so I’ll write a post or two.
Second: my fanfic (Why Can’t I Be Normal) is a total train wreck and I’m rewriting it.
Third: I’m not sure I just like talking (typing) to you people who actually take time out of their day to read my boring horrible posts.

Veronica’s profile:
Age: fifteen
Hair color: black with red highlights
Favorite bands: Black Veil Brides, Of Mice and Men, My Chemical Romance, and Pierce the Veil
Piercings: ears are pierced all the way up (three earlobe and four cartilage on each ear), snake bites (two lip piercings on opposite sides), tongue, and eyebrow.
Height: 5′ 4″

WCIBN Chapter One (rewritten): First Day of School Jitters

I awoke to the blaring noise of my alarm clock. I reluctantly turned my head to peek at the time, the clock read 7:45. I closed my eyes, but then remembered: today was the first day of school. Well, technically, it’s around second semester, but my mom moved to Chesterville CA after an accident involving a stove and cookies.
I hoped out of bed and scurried to my closet. I hurriedly tugged on a brand new Black Veil Brides© tee and starting brushing my hair. After that, I went to the bathroom and blow dried my hair to give it a cowlick effect, and slapped on my wristbands and a Pikachu© hat. I was halfway to the door when I realized I forgot pants. I sprinted back to my room and squeezed into a pair of black skinny jeans and black converse©. I ran out the door and saw my bus rumbling down the street, so I ran to a group of kids who must have shared my stop. A few gave me dirty looks, a couple looked curious. I could tell I had a rough day ahead of me.
After I got off the bus, a teacher showed me around school. She said her name was Mrs. Festerwald. Mrs. Festerwald directed me to home room and gave me my schedule. After she left, I scanned the room. I saw the teacher up front, in the first row of seats I saw a group of boys and girls laughing. They stopped and glared at me. In the second, third, and fourth rows were just a few kids dotted around. At last, in the sixth row (nobody was in the fifth) sat a boy, alone in the corner. He had flippy black hair, stretched ears, and a nose ring. He was wearing a Bring me the Horizon© tee and dark red skinny jeans. Mystery boy also appeared to be wearing pizza converse©.
I plopped down in the sixth row’s corner opposite the boy and just stared at my lap. Neither of us said anything to each other or indicated that we saw each other. I patently began waiting for the bell that signified home room was over and first class began. I chose art, it fascinated me and I love making it. At last, the bell rang, and I walked down to art.

  1. Rosslyn_Glasses says:

    At least you’re back. I’ve been a doodling mastermind for the two you love to pair together (you know, jester and half-dragon)… I think I’m going crazy: I’m starting to like that pairing.

    I’ve been a doodling junkie, and my blog is now ridden with art.

    • ashlynolive says:

      I loupe art so lol. And you FINALLY started liking them :3 lol

      • Rosslyn_Glasses says:

        Whatever got you grounded, DON’T DO IT AGAIN!!

        It’s crazy: I love writing the two when they’re on the same page, and I like drawing both of them, be they in separate pictures or trapped together in some sort of sticky scenario (For example, she agrees to be handcuffed to him in exchange for the safety of her friends. It turns out that he may or may not have crossed his fingers.)

        Oh, yeah. I’m also trying a new style.

      • ashlynolive says:

        Can’t wait to see it!!! Lol also, I have gotten horrible at drawing faces. I can’t get the hand of the way they are shaped and I just can’t draw emotion on them

      • Rosslyn_Glasses says:

        Well, my recent post has a simpler concept of drawing, and I think you’ll be able to try and pull it off. Not only that, it’s fun to draw.

      • ashlynolive says:

        Lol okay I’ll go check it out

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