Personal Space (colored)

Posted: October 20, 2014 by Bytten in Uncategorized
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At the request of my school’s art club, it is finally finished.


Getting lost in labyrinths is no fun (just ask Sarah Williams from “Labyrinth” 😹). But when the labyrinth is made of magic mirrors that show each place you have been to? It can really bring a person down.

Our half-dragon heroine has lost her friends in the mirror labyrinth, and is close on the verge of mental collapse. She whispers, “Where’s help when you need it?”

As if on cue, the jester (a villain, not to mention the mirror labyrinth’s master) shows up and offers to help her get out of the maze for a “price”.


Now, there is a principle my art club follows. It is called “three pluses and a wish”. It means that you give three reasons why you like the drawing and one item to improve upon (like shading, hands, etc).

Follow the principle and tell me what you think of this sketch in the comments below!


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