Awright, people.

Posted: September 27, 2014 by Bytten in Uncategorized

I will only say this once… I just remembered something I have to do. Wait here. *steps away from laptop*


Testing one, two, three.

Is this on?

Okay, it is.

Now, is there a good picture of me on this computer…no, that’s from Independence Day…that’s a badly lit photograph…oh, what the heck. I’ll just check her sketches. … That’s a rather old (yet very good) sketch of me with my name in Japanese… That’s a plushie of me (maybe I should try and make her one as a gift)… Aha! Here it is!

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 4.22.35 PM

I’m back! *looks at the person sitting in desk chair*

Dimentio! How many times do I have to repeat myself?! Do not use my laptop without my permission!

Ah ha ha… I simply wanted to show the world this lovely picture you drew of me.

Don’t patronize me, jester.

But it’s funEspecially when you blush! Oh, loo-ook! You’re blushiing!

Argh… (If you’ll excuse me, I have to brief Dimentio on manners.)


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