Outfit of the Week!

Posted: September 22, 2014 by ashlynolive in Uncategorized

I know, it’s not Saturday, but we didn’t have school today and I was anxious to start.

basically, I take pictures of what I’m wearing, then tell where I got and what brand, ect.


So, starting from the top, I am wearing my hair braided to the side with a black beanie and my big glasses.


image image  image

.Next, my jacket. I bought my pins from Hot Topic, and for the chain, it’s an Alice in Wonderland one I got a few years ago in…..duh dum duh dummmmmmm……Walmart. My nails are black with a white cross on my ring finger. I’m also wearing a red ruby ring and Black Veil Brides face bracelet on my right arm, and my BVB symbol bracelet and black peace sign bracelet on my left arm.

image  I’m wearing a Harry Potter Tee shirt I got from Kohls during its eighty percent off sale. It only costs four dollars 😉

image I’m wearing skinny jeans I bought from Walmart and black boots from Kmart.


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