Why Cant i be Normal? Chapter 7

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I sat on the floor in a confused/ dazed heap. I did NOT see this coming….Black Veil Brides…..vampires!? Not to mention that I got powers.  Snapping out of it, I stole a glimpse of Andy. He was staring at me, but quickly looked away. I heard a snort in the background, and then a pillow smacked Ashley (who must have been sitting on the couch behind me). He yelled at the thrower, and then proceeded to go to the bedroom. They must be as startled as I, I guess.

There where footsteps, then all of a sudden Andy was pulling me up off the floor. He embraced me in a tight hug, his arms wrapping around my waist and his head resting on my shoulder. I felt my heart rate pick up and got scared, in a good way. After a few seconds, as if silently asking permission, he nuzzled his head into my neck. I felt a flutter in my stomach, but then CC ruined it by saying “Ooh Andy likes Veronicaaaaaa” Andy quickly let go and and glared at him. I was tired of this silence, so I started up a conversation.

“Sooo….Andy can fly…?”‘ I tried.

“What?… oh um yeah, I can um, I can fly…” Andy awkwardly replied. His gaze fluttered up to my face, but then shot down to the floor. This only made me blush, then CC leaned back with an amused look plastered onto his face.

“Jinxx, Jake, let’s give them some alone time” CC  chuckled, walking to the bedroom.

“Its so awkward in here that I just wanna shove them into each other and make them kiss!” Jake muttered. Jinxed nodded in silent agreement, a cheesy half smile on his lips.

“Umm….wanna go for a, uh, a fly?” Andy questioned tentatively, as soon as the boys where out of the living area. That fluttering feeling returned, so I shyly said “yes,” and then we where walking towards the window. He opened it, and sat on the edge before saying, jokingly, “Remeber when I tried to ‘fly’ and broke some ribs? Haha, that was before I figured out the whole wing thing”

I smiled. I saw that video. It wasn’t pleasant, but I’m glad he was okay. Basically, during a concert, he jumped off a fifteen foot wall. He meant to land on the stage, but was a few feet short and instead crashed into yet another wall. He flopped, then fell to the floor. Even though he was hurt, he resumed the concert until the end. Afterwards, he was rushed to the hospital. I still can’t believe he did that…

Andy turned around and placed his feet on the brick wall outside the suite. I heard a ‘swoosh’ and his wings appeared. They looked about the same as mine, but slightly bigger and maybe a darker black. As he pushed himself off, I watched him fall in slow motion before flapping back up.

“Are you coming or not?” He said in a flirty tone. I slowly walked to the window and got out the same we he did, then flew up beside him. He was wearing an Augustus Waters style grin, then out if nowhere, grabbed my hand and flew off.

I barely had time to gasp when we arrived at a beautiful lake. I saw the moonlight reflected in the water, then glided down. I stopped just above the surface and pretended to walk on water.

“AHHHH”‘ I shouted (please note: the following is not meant to offend Christians. I am a Christian. Andy is an atheist and was just teasing during an interview). “That’s the sound Jesus is going to make when he comes back!” Andy snickered, so he must have gotten the reference. He floated down in front of me.

Andy put his hands on my hips and stared deep into my eyes. I too got myself lost in those beautiful blue eyes of his….

After a few seconds, he then sung to me:

“I cannot hide what’s on my mind, I feel it burning deep inside” wait, is this what I think it is?

“A passion crime to take what’s mine, let us start living for today” I got a mammoth butterfly in my stomach, is this going where I think it is?

“Never gonna change my mind, we can leave it all behind, nothing’s gonna stop us, no not this time!” He extended his hand to me before continuing.

“So,  take your hand in mine it’s ours tonight, this is a Rebel Love Song!” I slowly put my hand on his. He pulled me closer to him, and his eyes suddenly got bigger, my heart race higher, my thinking process slower as he kissed me on the edge of my lip. I felt his silver lip ring rub against my cheek as he pulled away. He then slipped behind me and engulfed me in another neck-nuzzling hug. I put my hands on his and he began softly rocking back and forth (all the while remaining on the water).

His breath tickled my ear as he whispered “I love you, Veronica. Do you love me…?” I breathed “yes”. He then picked me up bridal style and flew up into the night sky.

“Where’s your house?” Andy whispered. I told him where to go and we where floating outside my window all too soon. I reached over to open it. Andy lifted me in and followed close behind. I was immediately greeted with a huge hug by Zoey.

“You’re back!”‘she stage whispered. I smiled, then looked up at Andy. I gestured for him to come over, and Zoey was flabbergasted. She stepped away from her bear hug and gaped at him.

“Is that….is he…..huh!?” She gawked.

“Yup” I smirked. She stared ss Andy walked over to Zoey and gave her a hug.

“Wow, I wonder if she likes me” Andy said sarcastically, pulling away. Zoey just stood there, silent. I strode over to me bed and patted the spot beside me. Andy sat down and I leaned.my head on his shoulder.

“Wanna watch TV?” I asked both Zoey and Andy.

“Sure” they said, simultaneously. I giggled and put The Avengers in.


*~*~*~*~ ~*

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Lalalalalalalalalalalalalala New chapter. To tired to edit. Made it mushy. Yay.


And why did dumb WordPress delete Ross’ blog? I’m made now!!

  1. Rosslyn_Glasses says:

    Better than “Twilight”. By a long stretch.

    Meh, I kinda wanted to start over, anyways. But not so much as to delete the ENTIRE blog…ah, well. Clean slate, I suppose. Hey, I sent an author request to your email. Would you please accept it? I need your craziness to brighten up the place.

    Hey, would you mind checking text+? I sent the voiceovers you requested.

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