Why Cant i be Normal? chapter Sixx

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We finally decided on pizza, although Jake  was hesitant to agree with. It was delicious, and now we all sat here exchanging jokes in the hotel suite. Out of nowhere, I felt a pillow smack me on the head.

“Oh well thanks, no I got to go fix my hair, whoever did that” I said, faintly annoyed. I walked yo the bathroom and started to examine my black hair.  It was just tousled up at the top, so I took a comb and smoothed it down. Without a thinking, I started singing Teenagers by My Chemical Romance.

“They’re gonna clean up your looks

With all the lies in the books

To make a citizen out of you

Because they sleep with a gun, and keep an eye on you son

So they can watch all the things they do.”

I started to shake my hips in place of where the bass drum beat would be.

“Because the drugs never work

They’re gonna give you a smirk

They got methods of keeping you clean,

They’re gonna rip up your heads, your aspirations to shreds

Another cog in the murder machine”

I was practically shouting now

“Because all teenagers scare the livin’ sh outta me!

They could care less as long as someone’ll bleed!

So darken your cloths, or strike a violent pose

Maybe they’ll leave you alone, but not me!”

It took me that long to realize something was up.

“HOLY MOTHER OF ROCK I HAVE A RELFECTION” I screamed. This sent an alarmed Andy to the door. He casually opened the door and said, “What?”

I started freaking out, and as calmly as I could, I replied “oh,its just….me and my friends…um….we pretend we don’t have…um..reflections. yeah, that’s it.” Unfortunately, that did not convince Andy. He gave me that ‘oh sure, and I’m a walrus’ look and slowly backed out of the bathroom. I breathed a sigh if relieve as soon as the door closed. Suddenly, my wings came out and Andy hurriedly came back into the bathroom. I raced to come up with an excuse.

“Oh, um, I decided to cosplay as a vampire” I said quickly. Andy came over to examine my wings. I  heard him mutter something and they started to flap. woosh, woosh, woosh, they whispered, disturbing the air around us.

“I knew it, I darn right knew it!” He said excitedly.

“Knew what..?” I said, clearly stumped.

“That your one of us!” Andy whispered. All of a sudden, he started to push me into the living room.

“No wait no please no I might get arrested or dissected please don’t” I shouted as I started to panic.

“Don’t worry, we are all vampires” Andy coaxed. Wait, what?! I stumbled into the living room, and as I did, the boys watched wide eyed and gaped at me.

“Wow Andy, you where right…” Jinxx breathed. He came up to me and started to feel my wings. I noticed Andy still didn’t take his hand off my waist, so I wanted patiently for Jinxx to finish his examination. After a few seconds, he looked me dead in the eye and said,

“I accidentally touched your butt. Sorry.” Then walked back to his seat with a red face. This to made me blush, and Andy gave him a look and took his hand off my waist, finally. Ashley spoke up and said,

“So…you have any powers? Besides flying…I mean” I looked at him surprised and replied “wait, I get powers?” I was exited, with a capital E-X-I-T-E and D.

“Umm, yeah. CC has telepathy, CC smash, and teleportation, Jinxx incarnations and potion making, Jake can posses people, Andy can fly and walk lightning fast, and I can see through stuff and sing the sirens song.” I immediately crossed my hands over my chest and crossed my legs. Jake burst out laughing while Ashley blushed as red as a tomato.

“Umm no I uh I don’t look at THAT” he stammered.

“So, how do I find out my powers?” I asked, serious now. Andy turned to me and whispered,

“Just search your mind, they will come to you.” So, I closed my eyes and began to think about what my powers could be. That little voice in my head told me to hold my hand out, so I obeyed. I felt a rush of heat, and suddenly I was holding a flame. The boys facial expressions told me to look to see If I had any others, so I clenched my fist to extinguish it and looked some more.

That voice came back and said to stand as still and stiff as a plank, so I straightened my spine and held my hands and my sides. I heard a gasp and opened my eyes. Everything looked the same, but when I looked down, all I saw was the floor. My disembodied voice shouted “WHOAH WHAT” and I moved my hand to my face. Nothing. No black nail polish, not even a particle of my skin. That little voice said to whisper ‘visible’ and then, I was back. Ashley applauded while CC looked jealous. ‘Not yet, darling. There’s still one more thing!’ No. Please no.

I mechanically walked to the bathroom, the boys in close pursuit. “Where are you going?!” Andy said, worried.

“I have no idea” I replied. I stood in front of the mirror, and said “shoo”. My reflection…it moved. But I didn’t. My shakey hand approached the mirror.

“What no what” I stuttered. When I touched it, instead of stopping, half of my hand disappeared through the glass.

“What..” I gasped.

“Is that…the mirror, it’s a portal?” Jake said, surprised.

“She told her reflection to go away…as if it was blocking her from entering…” Andy wondered aloud.

“So that means…” Jinxed started “Interdemensinal transportation? SWEET!”


To tired to correct grammar and spelling, sorry


  1. Rosslyn_Glasses says:

    I now need to draw Veronica.

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