Why Can’t i be Normal? Chapter 5-ish?

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  I awoke passed out on the couch with a hand on the laptop. It was burning hot, must have died a few minutes ago. I quickly took it off my lap and began blowing on my thighs. In the midst of my awkward blowing, I recounted last night’s events and nearly fell to the floor when I remembered that Andy had kissed me. Not on the lips, of course, but still. He KISSED me.

  I stumbled into the kitchen area and began looking for food. I wasn’t a morning person, so this made me very angry.

“Why does milk freaking expire? It should just be able to go in a cupboard. Then all are lives would be gosh darn easier…whoever discovered milk is an idiot. I hate milk now” I grumbled to myself. I finally snatched a bag of marshmallows out of the cupboard and began to make coffee. It’s not my favourite, but it’s better than nothing. Besides, who wants to be grumpy in front of their role models?

  As I sat down at the table with my coffee in one hand and the marshmallows in the other, Jake emerged from a bedroom and stared at my breakfast for a few moments.

“Haha, nice ‘healthy’ choice I see, Veronica?” He said sitting down beside me. 

“What? Who says marshmallows aren’t healthy?’ I said as I ripped open the bag. I took out a handful and crammed five in my mouth. 

“Thee? Helty!” I mumbled around the soft marshmallows.

“Whatever ya say!” Jake said with mock apology. After a few seconds of silence, he stood up and as he walked by me, he snatched a few marshmallows. 

“Hey!” I yelled. “Those are MINE!” Jake laughed so hard he nearly fell to the floor. What’s so funny? I found them…in their cupboard. Therefore, I own them. I sipped my coffee, and after a few minutes, a sleepy Andy and Ashley came out of the bedroom, both shirtless. I stared as they walked by me. I had a sudden urge to check my phone, and I had a text from Zoey. It read: “Did you find them!?!” I didn’t want to be rude, so I decided to answer later. I put my phone back in my pocket, but I felt something else. Confused, I took it out of my pocket. I found to concert tickets and backstage passes. I just stared at them as if they where a majestic unicorn.

“Oh, yeah, I umm… I gave you some tickets in case you wanted to come to our concert this weekend…” Andy said awkwardly. I grinned and ran over to hug him.

“Thanks,” I whispered. I felt Andy relax beneath me, and he hugged me back.

“No problem!” He said, a smile in his voice. I went back to eating my marshmallows when I overheard Jake whisper to Ashley.

“Ooh, Andy has a cruuuush” Andy proceeded to glare at the two. To change the subject, he yelled at Jinxx and CC to get up. I heard groans of protest and something hit the wall beside the door. 

“On a different note, Veronica,” Ashley said, a sly smile creeping onto his face, “how would you like to spend the day with us at the mall? They have a HUGE Hot Topic store and we are DYING to check it out!” Ashley flashed his grin at Andy, which made him blush, which made me blush. To cover it up, I sipped my coffee and said:

“Sounds great! Before we go anywhere though, I must have a hairbrush. I can’t go anywhere with this mop!”

“Haha, you sound like Ashley” Jake said, walking to a room wich I assumed was the bathroom. A few seconds later, he emerged with a paddlebrush and said the bathroom was free to my usage. I walked in and saw (although unsurprising) cans of hairspray and some sticks of eyeliner. Since I didn’t have any with me, I decided to borrow some. I put it on thick, but not to thick. After that, I began brushing through my tangled mess. After it was mostly brushed, I began looking for a straightener and hair protection. I found the iron, but not the hair protection, so I decided one time wouldn’t hurt.

  I began by straightening the back and sides of my hair. After that, I did my bangs. I quickly began searching for a comb, or else I would have to do my hair differently. I found one at the back of a droor and began combing my hair to the side. I straightened it (to the side of course) and repeated that about ten times before securing with hairspray. After that, I bent forward so my hair was draped around me. I put the hairspray can between my knees and began straightening my hair so it would be almost horizontal. After a few minutes of that, I secured with hairspray and looked in the mirror to check if I had messed up. It looked good, so I walked out back to the kitchen area. 

“Gee Veronica, you use almost as much hairspray as Jake!” CC said, who must have gotten up while I was doing my hair.

“Well, something needs to keep my hair looking perfect” I smiled. I was going to enjoy the mall.

  When we got there, as soon as we walked into the building, all five men crowded around me and began begging to go to Hot Topic. Except Jinxx. He poked Andy and blamed Ashley. After a few moments I gave in and began searching for it. I found it on the second story and shouted “ONWARD, PEASANTS!” I run-walked to the escalator and hurried into Hot Topic.

“Whoa, you weren’t kidding when you said it was huge” I said, nudging Ashley. He nodded in agreement. We all split up and began to search the store. After a few seconds I saw a shirt that said “They said I could be anything…so I became a burrito” and decided I must have one. I grabbed a medium off the shelf and began to search some more. I also found a really cool BVB shirt from the “Set the World on Fire” album and a “My Little Pony” jacket. On my way to the checkout I casually grabbed a fez and a “Fezzes are Cool” shirt from the “Doctor Who” table. When my stuff got bagged, I saw Ashley walking to the checkout with a “Hello Kitty” hat and shirt, and Andy had various “Batman” clothing draped over his arm.

“Na na na BATMAN” Andy said in my face. I giggled and smacked his arm.

“Ignoring his flirting,” Jinxx said “let’s go get lunch” I blushed and looked at the ground. I heard Jake shout “Sushi!” And Ashley shout “Pizza!” At the same time, so they started a debate about weather sushi or pizza was better.


Yay, a new chapter! All rights reserved to brand stuff (I’m tired)

Oh, if you want to see what kind of clothing Veronica got, just ask! I’ll be happy to post some pics 😉

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