Why Cant I be Normal? Chapter three

Posted: July 30, 2014 by ashlynolive in Uncategorized

  I woke up to a snoring Zoey. Jessuum, she is loud! I quietly stood up to check my blog. Four comments this time.

From: BVBofficial

“Yeah, it’s really me! Check my Twitter for proof!” AWESOME

From: Veronica101

“AWESOME! Thanks for liking my blog!”

Next comment…

From: 2fab4u

“Go listen to some real stuff, like Niki Minaj!” Ooh, she brought this onto herself…

From: Veronica101

“Ha! She must have dedicated that stupid hoe song 2 u!!”

The next one read:

From: MCR rooooocks

“Never heard of the band, I’ll be sure to check it out!”

From: Veronica101

“Great! It’s always a treat to welcome a new soldier to the army!”

Last one…

From: JinxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRULESTHEWORLD


From: Veronica101

“Haha true!”

After that, I got up to go to the bathroom to do my hair. I took out my brush and looked in the mirror. I didn’t believe what I saw. I saw…nothing. “Maybe I’m dreaming,” I wondered aloud. I pinched myself multiple times. I felt it. “Uhh, maybe something sharper!” Im freaking out now. I hurried to my mom’s room and found a sewing needle. As I went back to the bathroom, I felt a pinch in my back. Probably growing pains. I shrugged it off.

 Ok, still no reflection. I’ll….I’ll poke myself now. I inserted the needle an eighth of the way into my arm. I winced, then took it out. THERE’S NO BLOOD. HELP ME. PLEASE. HELP. “WHAT’S GOING ON!” I screamed. Oh yay, that brought Zoey in here.

“Oh no…not again!” She fretted.

“What…?” I said in a shaking voice.

“The power…I can’t control it!” Im seriously confused now.

“Power?” I said slowly.

“I may as well tell you. Im a…Im…Im a…vampire…” I could barely hear her.

“Did you say..your a…vampire!?!” That explains a lot, acually.

“Yes” Zoey sighed.

“Besides blood draining, how the heck is that bad!?!” I shouted. “HOW! Wait, can I….FLY” I’m into this now…

“Only some can, but it’s very rare” Zoey said matter of factly.


“I hate you” Zoey said teasingly.

“Thank you very much!” I said, fake slapping her.

“Ow! What was that for!” She exclaimed.

“I SHALL NOW GO FLY, BATMAN SHALL RULE THE WORLD!!! But first, I shall brush thy hair and put on thy clothes. I don’t sunburn, right?” EXITED OVERLOAD.

“Right, thats a myth. We also only get our fangs at midnight for about a minute and a half.”


  I put on a “Haters gunna hate, potatoes gunna potate” shirt, black lace skinny jeans, grey combat boots, and a ‘Black Veil Brides’ snap back. I ran outside, and Zoey was sitting in our tree.

“So how the heck do I fly?” I asked.

“I don’t know, just will your wings to appear. Fair warning, fly at night, as to not be seen. Just practice in your yard a little.” Zoey said seriously.

“Ok,” I said, willing wings to appear, black and leathery. I heard a swoosh, and looked back. WINGS. WINGS. WINGS. I HAVE WINGS. I heard Zoey cheering from her perch, “Try flapping them!” I did as she suggested, and my wings obeyed.

“Now I’m truly a fallen Angel!” (If you don’t know what that song is, Google ‘Fallen Angels BVB official music video. It’s great, and don’t worry, it’s clean) I said, about to hypervenelate. After a few seconds, I slowly arose from the ground. I freaked out and stopped flapping, causing me to land on my face.

“Ok…ouch” I mumbled.

“Haha! Hey, wanna go shop at Hot Topic?” Zoey asked expectantly.

“Sure” I said. I love that store!


All rights reserved to Black Veil Brides, Hot Topic, Niki Minaj, Twitter, and Google. Oh, FYI, I don’t think BVB has a WordPress.


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