Why Cant i be Normal? Chapter two

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 I woke up to three new comments.

From: ElsaOfArendele999

“OMG, like how can u like that band, it totes scares me!!!!!” Wow…just…Wow.

From: Veronica101



From: WOWP:

“Umm, what’s BVB..??????” Wow, really?

From: Veronica101

“Is called good music.”

Last one:

From: BVBofficial:

 “Wow, it’s nice to see that so many fans have created fan pages! Keep up the great work!” Wait, what!? Is this REAL!?!?

From: Veronica101:

“Are you the REAL BVBofficial!?!?! OMG, Thank u!!!!!” That just made my day!

After that, I got dressed in a ‘Of Mice and Men’ band Tee and grey and white polka dot skinny jeans. Oh, and red converse. I hurried out my room and stuck my iPod in my pocket.

  So, I had to ride my bike to school since mom’s car broke down and dad was still at work. Luckily, I lived a few blocks away. Unlucky, so so did my bullies. I ride my bike fast, and park near the school, so the closest they ever got to punching me was my thigh. I just hope they don’t find my blog…

  Ok, I see the school. I checked for bullies before turning down the street and into the parking lot. They have a bike rack right next to the building, luckily, so I hurried up and chained my bike there. As soon as I took a step away from my bike, I heard a familiar voice call my name. Well, sort of my name.

 “Beronica!” Zoey! I looked around, and saw her crouched next to a willow tree across the street, holding her jaw in her hand. “Oh my gosh, what happened!” I practically screamed.

 “Tey thaw meh walkin and punted muh fuce!” Hold on, I speak missing teeth: ‘They saw me walking and punched my face!’

 “That’s horrible! Why did they do that!” I can’t get over this now.

“I on’t no. Dey jutht walked up und punted meh!” Zoey mumbled.

“Never mind, let’s just get you to a nurse” I said as I scooped her up and carried her bridal style.

“Gothed, yow err sthtrong!” Zoey mumbled yet again. Poor Zoey…

  As we arrived to the nurse, I got blood all over my arm from her mouth. This is horrible!

“So, what happened” the nurse said before looking at us. When she did, she had a mini panic attack, and I’m pretty sure she almost screamed.

 “Who did this!” Nurse….what’s her name….I shall call her Nurse Joy. Nurse joy yelled.

“I un’t owe!” Zoey yelled back. I snorted (we have another sass queen 🙂 ) Nurse Joy told me to set her on the bed thingy. She checked out her mouth and told me and Zoey that she cracked a molar and lost a front tooth. As I turned to leave, I remembered I snuck my iPod with me.

 “Wait, Zoey, here’s my iPod! Also, come to my house tonight!” I said, handing her my iPod.

“Oh-ay” she mumbled, putting the earbuds in her ears.

“Bye…” I said, walking out the door. I didn’t hear her reply.

Skipping to lunch, since nothing else interesting happened, as I walked to the ‘outcasts table’, somebody I knew all to well stopped in front of me.

 “Well, isn’t it little miss emo girl!” She taunted. Caught the attention a few students. I see a teacher walking our way. Before he got here, Lucy (yup, thats her name) smacked my tray out of my hands.

“Oops,” she said, not sounding sorry at all, and walked away. The teacher had a talk with her, but she didn’t get in trouble…power of the populars I guess…

  So, when I got home, Zoey was all ready in my room.

“Hey, what’s up?” I asked sitting down on my bed.



“Haha, yep. Mom took me to the dentists. They filled in my cracked tooth. After that we went to the orthodontist and they gave me a spacer or whatever” she said, glancing at my Xbox. “Have any games?” 

“I have minecraft.” I replied.

“Cool, can we play?” 

“Sure,” I said, walking over to the XBox. “Just lemme check my blog first.” No new comments. Good.

So, after a few hours of dieing by creeper, we fell asleep.


New chapter!

All rights reserved to Apple, whoever manufactures Xboxes, and Of Mice and Men. Oh, and Gamefreak. (Or whoever makes pokemon)

  1. Rosslyn Glasses says:

    You girls playing Xbox Minecraft made me think of the good old days when my real-life friends and I played PE and always died to creeper ambushes… Ah, they days when my real-life friends cared about me…

  2. b3ndr0wn3d says:


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