M’kay guys and girls, mostly girls, i need help.

Posted: June 24, 2014 by ashlynolive in Uncategorized

  Ok, so, for my 12th Birthday, I’m thinking of getting a helix piercing (the top of your ear, in the cartilage). I on a scale of 1-10, how bad will it hurt someone with a pain tolerance of about 3 (same scale). I was curious because they do it with a needle and wonder if it hurts as much as your flu vaccines or just a regular ear piercing. By the way, I already have both ear lobes pierced once, and I honestly teared up during that and cried during my vaccines so that’s why I want to know.


Thanks, peeps!

  1. ashlynolive says:

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    Btw, it’s Ash here :3

  2. RosslynB says:

    I cried when I got my shots. I have to get a new set this year… Oh, well. Better than getting a shot in the butt for a bad case of strep throat

  3. X-D I have no idea…but 2 knee surgeries gives me a pretty high pain tolerance. So I probably won’t help with you wimps. Lol just kidding! I tried to pierce my own ear when I was…12 I think. It was kinda near the top. It didn’t bother me, but I was afraid I’d get in trouble by my parents so i stopped and the hole only went like 3/4 of the way through…yeah…don’t judge me!

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