Divergent fanfic- Chapter One

Posted: June 22, 2014 by ashlynolive in Uncategorized

  Today is the day. The day of the aptitude tests. Im as nervous as heck, but I can’t let this change my decision. The tests show you which of the  five factions you will be best for. There is no way to prepare. Period.

   Later that day, as we wait in the cafeteria, I see many other kids as nervous as I am. Some are pale, others shaking. I myself feel dizzy and nauseous. We get called back in groups of ten, as there are ten testing rooms.
   When I hear my name, I slowly stand up, and walk towards my room. Room 127. Students are only allowed in the rooms for aptitude tests, so it looks brand new. I see my test administrator sitting at a desk. Her nametag reads ‘Emma’
“Hello, Connie. I’m your test administrator, Emma. Please have a seat in that chair.”  It looks like a chair you would see at a dentist’s office. I sit down and nervously rest my head in the padded headrest. She starts pressing electrodes to my forehead and upper neck. I see she has a dove tattoo on her upper arm, once hidden by her sleeve.
“Why the dove?” I blurt.
“I’ve never seen a curious Abnegation before” she says suspiciously.
My curiousness is a mistake, violating Abnegation rules and beliefs.
She explains “It symbolizes the life I’ve left behind, boring and peaceful. Now I live in Dauntless, a faction full of restless dareing” She says, smiling. “And I’ve never once regretted it.”
“Wow…” I say, in awe. Before I can say anything else, she has me drink this fluid.
“What is this?!” I say, freaking out a little.
“I can’t say. Just trust me” I start to feel dizzy and I fall into unconsciousness. After a few moments, I wake. I see a wicker basket holding a slice of cheese and a knife. An old lady is standing in the corner.
“Pick one” she growls.
“But why-” I say before she cuts my off
“FINE, HAVE IT YOUR WAY” The contents of the basket vanish, as does the lady. From the other end of the room, I hear a faint growl, growing louder by the minute. There’s a huge Boxer, creeping toward me.  I know I shouldn’t look into its eye, that’s a sign of aggression. So instead, I sink to my knees.
   I now feel it’s warm breath in my face, horribly rancid breath. The dogs growling stops,and instead it cuddles me. I laugh and scratch it’s stomach. All of a sudden, this little girl walks into the room. With no warning, the dog attacks. I scream and tackle the dog before it reaches the girl, the beast thrashing in my grasp.
   All of a sudden, the scene vanishes, and I’m on a bus. This middle aged man shows me a newspaper article. Its about a murderer.
“Do you know him?” He asks in a gruff voice. I feel like I know the murderer, but if I tell him I feel as if something awful will happen to me.
“DO YOU?!” He half shouts.
“No” I say in a shaky voice.
I wake sweaty and guilty. Emma stands beside a monitor, a worried expression on her face.
“So, how did my tests go?” I ask in my most causal voice.
“Oh, um” she looks around. “Your results show…your…Divergent” I have no idea what that means, but by the tone of her voice, I’m guessing it’s bad.
Yay, my first chapter in my first fabric!
Divergent © it’s author
This fanfic © ME! (Ash)

  1. Spottedcloud says:

    I just finished Insurgent today and cannot wait for the movie. Good job btw this is pretty good.

  2. Spottedcloud says:

    I came up with a name for the Divergent fanfiction. Its called Bayline.

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