A surprise tutorial

Posted: May 25, 2014 by ashlynolive in Uncategorized

Ok, so theres this feally cool thing i can do, and i looked it up. Its called Lucid Dreaming. Lucid dreaming is the act of having some, or complete, control over a dream.


This tutorial will tell you how you can lucid dream and ways to do it. This is very hard and takes A LOT of practice.



This is the very first step to lucid dreaming. Its the most important and easy step. So what you do is simple: perform a reality check. There are various ways to do this. What i do is i give my arm/hand a slight pinch. Other things you can do is poke yourself with a pencil (will normally go through a hand in a dream) and fall.



This is also a very important and easy step. Every night before you go to bed just repeat to yourself “I will remember my dreams tonight.” Eventually, you won’t need to do this; your subconscious will just remember it.



Combined with the reality checks and the “I will remember” jazz, you will eventually become lucid. Now what? First off, if you feel the dream slipping away, shout “CLARITY NOW”. Sometimes it helps to shout “I HAVE CONTROL”. This helps me stay in control. Some fun things to are: Fly (not recommended for beginners), explore a new dimension, be in a circus act, the options are limitless! If you have trouble making object apear, think of it, all the details, wish it to appear, then turn around. It’ll more than likely be right behind you! Also, somtime your brain simulates false awakenings, so remember reality checks, or make an object appear. Have fun!

  1. What?! That can’t be possible. I can only imagine what I’d do if I had control over my dreams…

    • ashlynolive says:

      Its amazing. Just take the time to learn/ practice. Also learned that ross did it to! 🙂

    • ashlynolive says:

      Oh, and repeating that you will remember your dreams really works. I used to remember my dreams about twice a year. Now i do it almost every night! Oh, just note, not every lucid dream starts out lucid. Last night i was having a dream, but only became lucid about halfway through it.

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