Pokémon Xylosma and Yucca Chapter 1

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Pokémon Xylosma and Yucca
By RosslynB and Ashlyn0live

Chapter 1

Rosslyn woke up to the sound of Fletchling song outside her window. She shot out of bed, grabbed her chocolate-and-sky-glasses, and dashed to her wardrobe. Today was the day. The day that Professor Spruce gives her her first official Pokémon.

“Today is gonna be AWESOME!”

Ross was wide awake and was dressed in tie-dye sneakers (that had memory foam soles), denim jeans, a white blouse, and her trademark adobe scarf and Nerdism/Fangirlism cap. Her pink (it was the only color in the girl’s section) messenger bag hung around her shoulder.

Her Absol, Alex, was wagging her tail with her Mega Stone on a studded collar.

Ross stroked Alex’s head,”Come on! It’s time to start our journey!”

The two ran downstairs and Ross grabbed a banana off the counter, and began to eat it.

Alex stood up on her hind legs, and put her right paw on the counter, trying to get one of Ross’ mom’s homemade Poké-cookies.

The two family Mightyenas, Copper and Daisy, tackled Ross and tried to eat her banana.

Ross’ mom ran over and pulled her off the floor,”Copper! Daisy! Get off of Ross!” Ross’ dad called them to the table and distracted them with an empty tin of yogurt.

The family Delcatty, Skitty and Purugly (Spencer, Red and Rascal), soon came rubbing on Ross’ legs now that the Mightyenas were gone

Ross’ mom shooed them off,”Today’s the day that my big girl goes galavanting across the Mumbai region!”

Ross turned red,”Mooom! I have a Poketch and I’m traveling with Ashlyn… I’ll be OK!”

Just then, the doorbell rang. Ross ran over, opened it, and in waltzed Ashlyn. She wore a Nyan Cat shirt with denim jeans and blue Converse. Her brown eyes were gleaming from behind her thick-rimmed glasses that her dark brown hair kept covering.

Ash’s Ninetales, Luka, strolled in and patiently sat down behind Ash. Ross’ mom gave Luka a Poké-cookie, who happily obliged.

Ash was grinning like the Cheshire Cat,”Y’all ready for this?! We get our first official Pokémon today!”

Ross and Ash began to murmur like crazy. Ross’ dad stopped them,”Now now, girls! Gotta look impressionable for Professor Spruce! Honestly, he should’ve just been Professor Jahveen… His last name makes him sound like a tree.”

Ross’ mom kissed Ross’ cheeks and handed her a bag of Poké-cookies for her and Ash’s Pokémon,”Go get ’em, sweetie!”

Ross turned red,”Yes, Mom! Now, to go and for Ash and I to be the very best!” With that, the two girls went out of the house.

Ross’ dad waved,”I’m rooting for you, girls!”

Ross’ mom rolled her eyes,”Ross takes after you, ya know.”

Cornett Town was quiet at this morning hour. The sleepy town would be waking up soon, and the shops would open and people would wake up and it would be the bustling Cornett Town Ash and Ross had come to know and love.

Cornett Town was a small town on a chained archipelago that was a hotspot for Apricorn and food agriculture. If you went north, you’d rejoin the mainland. If you went south, you’d be in the Mumbai Archipelago.

Ash pointed down the main road that connected sleepy Cornett Town with the rest of the Mumbai region,”Symbia Town is up the road here. Professor Spruce is coming down from his lab in the capital to give us our first Pokémon.”

Luka sat beside her, slowly munching a Poké-cookie with a look of confusion,’I don’t see why she needs another Pokémon. She has me!’

Alex rolled her eyes,‘Luka, I thought you read up on this. Our trainers have to get a starter so they are officially recognized as trainers by the Pokémon Leagues.’

Luka’s confusion disappeared,‘Oh. That now makes sense.’

Ross was half-there. Her real train of thought was on a teenager just across the way. An Absol with a yellow-left eye and a black right eye sat next to him on a bench. The teenager had a purple and yellow plush cap on that hid his face, with a long, pulled-down black ponytail. He had black jeans on with black Converse. His grey shirt had a picture of what looked like the Dark Prognosticus, and the shirt said

I don’t know the future. But this book just might.

Ross turned to the teenager and his Absol, curious as to what they would do next. The Absol sat up and looked at Ross. Without warning, the Absol ran over to Ross and tackled her. With Ross pinned on the ground, he began sniffing her like crazy. Ross saw that he had a Pokémon collar on. An Absolite was attaching strips of purple leather.

Ash turned around,”Oh, shoot! Ross, are you OK?” Ash began to try and tempt the Absol off of Ross’ chest.

Alex began to yip,’Get off my master!’

Luka sat there with a grin,‘Ha! Wait…Who is that Pokémon?’

“David! Get off her!”

The Absol quickly got off her,‘I just wanted to check her…’

Ash stomped over to the trainer,”You should keep your Pokémon under control!”

The trainer shrugged as he bent down and stroked his Absol,”I don’t know what got into David. He’s normally not that brash…”

Ross looked at the trainer’s shirt,”A Dark Prognosticus shirt? So, you played Super Paper Mario?”

The trainer pulled up his cap, revealing a golden eye and a grey eye. He then proceeded to pull Ross up ,”Yeah. My name’s Aurelio.”

Ross turned pink,”My name’s Ross.”

David got close to Alex,‘I’m David, Aurelio’s Absol. And you are?

Alex growled,‘Alex, Ross’ Absol. Now please move away before I Crunch you away.’

Luka calmly nudged Ash and yipped,‘We gotta go see Professor Spruce!’

Aurelio brushed himself off,”Well, I gotta meet Professor Spruce.”

Ash gasped with a big grin,”Hey, that’s we’re going, too! Why don’t you come with us? After all, we are all going to the same place!”

Aurelio! And let’s just leave our Pokémon out of their Pokéballs. After all, it’s Cornett Town.”

As Ash led the way, Ross turned to Aurelio,”Are you from around here?”

Aurelio blushed,”No. I just moved down here with my parents from Lumina City. I was Professor Spruce’s apprentice in his lab up there.”

Ash gasped,”You lived in Lumina City? And you worked with Professor Spruce?! WOW!”

Luka sniffed the air,’Does anybody smell Riolu?’

Alex sniffed,’It’s coming from over here!’

Alex, Luka and David dashed up the path and into Symbia Town.

Ross jumped,”Alex! What is it?”

Ash ran like mad,”Luka! Come on!”

Aurelio began to sprint ahead,”David! What is in you today?”

Ross, Ash and Aurelio stopped at what they saw.

Luka, Alex and David had found 3 just-hatched Riolus, and they were trainer less.

Aurelio bent down and stroked one of the Riolus that had come up to him,”Poor things…”

Ash gasped,”OhMyGosh…”

Ross pounded her fist,”Who would do such a thing?”

A voice answered,”I wish to know, too.”

All three turned, and Aurelio straightened,”Professor Spruce!”
BAM! RosslynB here with a Pokémon fanfic! I told Ashlyn I’d get this up soon, so here it is!
Pokémon in its entity (c) Game Freak, Nintendo
Super Paper Mario in its entity (c) Nintendo, INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS
Ashlyn (c) Herself, of course!
Aurelio and Ross (c) Me, RosslynB

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    My version:
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    Professor Palms (Female)

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