Posted: April 18, 2014 by ashlynolive in Uncategorized

He’s in the hospital, taking a rest. He said he’s getting amnesia stuff, though, and may forget about his blog…..thats the sad part 😦 ill put his blog in the description. He he remembers all of this, he may be back and posting within 3 days.

Heres his blog:

  1. RosslynB says:

    Hospital? HOSPITAL?! That stupid hacker was that potent?! Okay… I’m gonna check my sources and determine his threat level

  2. first of all, he’s tall and has scars all over his body. second of all, he brought some giant oversized bulldog with green and red eyes! and third of all, i fell on some glass and cut my kidney and part of my hand, he didn’t do anything but drop the glass and shove me into it. i had the gun in my hand so i shot him in the eye and then shot outside. he yelled and then i heard sirens. i knew that shooting at the sky would call angels :p anyways he got scared and the cops came and i told them an intruder came and broke some glass and made me fall on it and then they took me to the hospital

  3. and also my parents are on vacation somewhere

  4. im just here with my now dead dog 😦

  5. looks like you have good senses >:) masked-poptart is still in the hospital, i just made all this up so everyone will think he’s back and ready. im controlling his blog for a while, until he gets back. and he probably won’t due to the amnesia thing-a-mac-bob. it’s been well past 7 days….he probably even died. anyways i need a little favor from someone and i thought he’ll be on hwll hounds blog. he hasn’t come so i dropped by to check. anyways im off to heal myself a bit, i had to take my eye out and clean my eye sockets just in case i get infected with disease, i might drink blood but atleast it’s not that bad. i look like pirate now 😦 I’llprobably keep masked’s stuff like his list and his game, first of all i want to help him a bit. i had to say i was gonna kill him to bring fear into him so he could be weaker. i knew he wouldn’t suicide because he has a blog full of randomness and freedom and stuff i mean it is in the name anyways. also, if your wondering why i haven’t hacked any of you, it’s because i see something in adam/masked that is….a rather strange feeling of courage. he could make a great walkerense knight. he’s perfect for my new base, he could guard it. also i won’t kill him, I’ll wait until his last moments and then i collect his soul. I’ll be gone, I’ll leave a post on his blog. also i haven’t done anything wrong really…..i guess hacking is but my computer stayed on access and it hasn’t changed in years. so basically i haven’t actually done anything……well thats my first. also i might keep masked’s reputation going if he does die. if i post anything in 4 days, you’ll know he has left the world.

  6. and by dead dog he doesn’t know but i accidentally ran over his dog, i didn’t kill it

  7. well gtg, i have to go paint the final walls on my fortress of awesomeness :p and if your wondering “are you still evil or something?” no actually :p im normal now. i was de-throned. :p it feels good to be normal :p also i thing I’ve spammed this place alot so I’ll just leave

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