Me (Ashlyn) as an anime character

Posted: April 9, 2014 by ashlynolive in Uncategorized

  1. atleast you don’t draw as bad as me, that’s why i stay with photos and internet drawings example: Ѽ and ♜

  2. what level are you now? im level 9

  3. i play with lvl 5 players and higher like 16 or 15. the level i see the most is 10. im so close to getting the best gun ever! (last bazooka upgrade) YAY! just 39 more coins :p

  4. speaking about 39 i have 39 skins :p my newest one is a robot with a shiny laser eye with the letters “M P” on the shirt like i always do.

  5. well always, i have to use the front for monster attack effects and blood effects. but my name will always be “masked-poptart” :p

  6. ok so i my dad is really good at computer stuff and hacking so i hacked hell hound and looked at his history and found whitestripe’s blog, wallsie2 blog of commentclan, spottedcloud’s blog, your blog, cake’s blog, hell hound’s blog, zegodofevil’s blog, and kaalus’s blog. i also saw dragonmasters blog but it’s shut down as well as a few others. some of these people haven’t made posts in a loooooong time

  7. im leaving hell hounds account but i didn’t really do anything but see what he has done like made rude comments or posts on blogs or his blog…..his blog is really disturbing, i recommend any blog but his and zegodofevil’s

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