More Survivalcraft

Posted: March 27, 2014 by ashlynolive in Uncategorized

Ok, so, i think that my houses in my world arent big enough, so, if you have a house and would like it upgraded, please put in the comments a linked picture or description (preferably picture) to show me how to make it. Nothing incredibly huge, the largest is about this size of my house:


  1. hello mate, my name is adam clarke, ignore my email it is not adam cadler it just wouldn’t let me put adam clarke so i guess im stuck with it, anyways im going around blog for blog looking for people who play survivalcraft too, click my name to go to my channel and please check out my skits and ideas and see you there mate, good day and good bye

    MP ftw

  2. yes, and yes *high fives* my full story is on maggies blog on the title “close call” please go and check it out to see all the cultures in my family, and also why is your blog so…..weird? like i can’t really get what is that feels weird, but i just does…..maybe it’s the white color all around it, or all these random things……anyways see you tomorrow mate!

  3. it is night time and im almost ready to tidy up the place (my blog) i will invite every one! i will not visit other blogs momentarily, i have to finish lot’s of things but first I’ll give you this link here:

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