Jobs in Survivalcraft

Posted: March 23, 2014 by ashlynolive in Uncategorized


1) I have to trust you

·Rosslyn, Maggie, Spottedcloud, Whitestripe(we miss you SO much 😦 ), and Blackstone.

°To earn my trust, you must of course comment on my blog and i would of had to know you for a little while.

2) You must have a house in my world (i take suggestions at any time


Farmer at restaurant “Soggy sandwich”

Fisherman/woman at “Soggy Sandwich”


Clerk at “Mini mart”

Recourse collector

Party planner/Dj (Taken by: Rosslyn)

These are the jobs available. Theres more jobs than houses, so…yeah… >.<

  1. how about a constructer or an engineer to fix things in houses ex: engineers can fix the lights,tv, and replace low batteries in the house. i haven’t been on this blog for more than five minutes so i don’t know if you HAVE made a tv yet. and one question, is this for when multiplayer comes out? because if it is you might have some luck this update ashlyn. it could be skins or multiplayer but anyways back to ideas, what about an store with things like boats, horses, and saddles? how a bout some helpers in the store (if it’s big) to find or reach what they need? if it’s big add 6 employees and ladders, if it’s small then add 2 helpers. and remember to have a secret place to hide the cash.

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