Weekly app reveiw

Posted: February 9, 2014 by ashlynolive in Uncategorized

Hopefully i can start a weekly app reveiw. It cannot start right away though, as i am grounded from my kindle. 😦 It will be a page up top, i will post the pros and cons. In the page comments, i would like you to suggest some games, but they MUST BE FREE. I wont waste money on a game i will keep a few days and most likely delete. If it is multiplayer i will happily play with somebody that has the game. If you wish me to reveiw it and have a friend that has the game then tell me their in game name and ill eventually figure it out 🙂 On another note, i will hopefully return to a daily posting scedule soon, im sorry for barly posting at all the past few weeks, again i apologize for the lack of posts. So starting Tues. i will hopefully have a few suggestions. I would also like if people could post this on their blogs, mine has considerably gone down in veiws.



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