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Im sorry i haven’t posted in a while, there’s not much going on in my life lol


In case u dont know, hes in Minecraft (i probably just lost some people at that word). He is the greatest mystery, it’s said Notch removed him because he thought someone hacked the game. But, it seems he put him back in, or kinda at least. Its rumoured there are only 2 or 3 Herobrine seeds in all of Minecraft Pocket Edition. If you happen to know one of these seeds, please comment them in the description. If you barley know what im talking about, you know its a Herobrine seed if you see:



Maybe fire

Either H,E,R,O,B,R,I,N, or E in glowstone

Those are signs that Herobrine has been there.

  1. Where are all the original commentclan members??? I haven’t seen Spottedcloud, Blackstone, Dragonmaster, Graystripe, or Whitestripe in forever!!!

  2. RosslynB says:

    I have seen spottecloud.
    On the terms of Herobrine, I have seen him in PE. My friend and I were building back in PE 1.3 (when any material was available in survival mode, mostly beds, bricks, bookshelves, ect.) in survival mode. A bridge to our island retreat was almost finished. She was over at the animal pen, on the mainland. and I was at the island end of the bridge. I was enjoying the fruits of our labor, when I saw a good chunk of our bridge was missing. And on fire. I put it out, fortunately.

    I then saw a person. I thought she had come back from supply collecting. When I joked about her being like lightning, she showed me that she was actually not right in front of me. Then I saw the person in front of me had no eyes. They were just white as snowy biomes. I screamed bloody murder, jumped off the bridge, swan across the lake, grabbed my friend and showed her the person. We both screamed and jumped off the bridge. When we got back onto the bridge, I marked where the person had stood.

    I still remember that. And we never forgot it.

  3. there is a legend that to find him you must need a mod, nether souls and a wither head, or an oooooooold update of minecraft. yes there is a way to get old updates, its a mod. but for pocket edition you must first die 13 times, light a golden pillar on fire ( an 1×7) and then put some diamonds in water, the water must be around the edges and corners of the pillar and then just throw in bones or a flower, flower meaning 1 and bone meaning 12. if it doesn’t work then notch must have removed it from pe already, but there is a chance of it still possible. i did it myself and i will not do it again, he sets traps around the world, evil animals, and weird mutant cows with his face on them. it’s horrible, especially the chickens with no eyes, they kill you and they can throw you up somehow, and once you find herobrine he will put up many signs and he will spawn in lots of ghasts and zombies and zombie pigmen, and basically everything but the wither, after you defeat him the wither and ender dragon will both mutate with herobrine into this giant evel creature bigger than anything! 8 times bigger than the ender dragon! it kills you in one hit! i can’t even get it down 1 hp! help!

    • ashlynolive says:

      Thanks for your help! I tried a thousand times, but i cant seem to be able to download mods! Oh, and, remove the mod, that may get rid of the Hero-dragon. Lol, but, if its somthing thats not in vanilla Minecraft, it may just disappear. Hope this helps! Oh, and i may get Pixel Guns 3D

  4. sorry i meant to say soul sand and also i haven’t played pe or pc in a long time because of herobrine, i spawned him in both my kindle in pe and my desktop in pc. i can’t play minecraft anymore 😦

  5. well, not in the worl i made, but i don’t want to make a new one it took so much time!

  6. and whats this commentclan everyone keeps mentioning once a while? is that a game of some sort mate?

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