I dont need a YouTube channel to post videos, but,

Posted: December 29, 2013 by ashlynolive in Uncategorized

Rosslyn won’t be able to post videos. My kindle cant record, so i use a poopy camcorder. Better for vlogs i learned, although it is possible for me to record lets plays on my kindle. 


Basic, really. I record the video via camcorder, make mom put on computer with USB cord, then put on my kindle via USB cord / charger. 


I probably will play music in the background, i have about 40 songs. Videos i plan to make will be vlogs, Survivalcraft and Pocket legends lets plays, Survivalcraft world tour (that is, if i can delete about forty worlds) ,,and random videos.


I might make a poll tomorrow about which logo you guys like best. (Remember, you dont need an account to vote, i made that mistake before i had an account!) So get a good look at the logos before tomorrow!

Thats it for this post, join the pack by following my blog, and maybe like this post, byeee! 😀

  1. RosslynB says:

    I can record some things, like vlogs. But… My life isn’t THAT interesting. I might buy a camcorder so I don’t miss out on this action

  2. Spottedcloud says:


  3. ashlynolive_wii_version says:

    posting from da wii 😎

  4. ashlynolive says:

    i accidentally commented on our wiii and making sure name didnt change

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