Im exited!

Posted: December 20, 2013 by ashlynolive in Uncategorized

<strong> i forgot to tell you, my old vacation with my BFF got cancelled. Her Gran. had to go to the hospital for surgery. 😦

<strong> Ok, so, our new trip is tomorrow (Friday!) Im SO exited! If i get a Youtube channel, (Wolf pack gaming) im doing Vlogs, just in case. YAY! 😀 I think i remember whos comeing, buttttsssss, i wont say their names for protection. If you guys have and want to play Pocketlegends with me, friend me at ashlynlive.

Outro of darkness, then redness, then whitenessssss……then BOOOOOP!

  1. The html tags did not work for some reason. By the way, I’m not mad at you. In fact I’m glad you hacked because if not, I may have been in danger of being hacked by someone who wanted to do harm. You are not banned from the site.

  2. RosslynB says:

    Hey, Ash! I can play PL now

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