Im very, very busy!

Posted: December 6, 2013 by ashlynolive in Uncategorized

·I do homework untill 7:00

·Im working on three projects

°maggie’s mansion

°Cops N’ robbers

°and finishing my spleef arena

·Im practicing clarinet, bass clarinet is kind of hard!

· Im reading a book, well, duh

·I have, like, ten blogs bookmarked i try to check every hour because im not filling my mom’s inbox up with posts

·I practically have four lives



°Pocket legends


·Plus some more

°My social life


°The Wii

°Our new blu-ray player

°my couch

°And my blog!

·Im eating

·Drinking apple juice, not at the moment, mom poured it out :!(

·Im sleeping for 8 hrs of my life, who needs sleep!  Drink four bottles of Mountain dew and five Snickers bar icecream, take it from my experince, and youll stay up untill two AM!

· Finally, im at school eight hrs of my day! Im busy!

  1. I only have two lives, my real one and my one here. In my real life I’m a loser who has no friends but in my online life suddenly I’m known in 40 different countries. It’s a little scary and yet cool that you’re known around the world. I even checked the blog stats for this blog and you have a few interesting statistics. I think a person visited your blog from (I probably spell this wrong) Brunei-Darussalum. I’ve never even heard of that country before!

  2. Spottedcloud says:

    I’ve seen india and Pakistan. A little scary.

    • Ive never seen those on mine. Ill try to name all the countries I’ve seen. U.S, U.K, Canada, Ireland, Mexico, Finland, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Norway, Switzerland, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Guernsey, Qatar, South Africa, Poland, Indonesia, Malaysia, Venezuela, Russia, Iraq, Japan, Republic of Korea, Romania, Italy, Peru, and many more that I can’t think of right now.

  3. Spottedcloud says:

    On my blog stats, not in person XD!

  4. Nevermind. This is the complete list of countries that I copied from the stat page.
    United States 283 United Kingdom 46 Japan 19 Poland 13 Indonesia 9 Saudi Arabia
    Mexico 8 Russian Federation 7 Iraq 5 Philippines 4
    Germany 4 Australia 4 Malaysia 4 Republic of Korea 4


    Czech Republic

    Brazil 3 Finland 3 Lebanon 2 Ukraine 2



    Venezuela 2 Serbia 2 Netherlands 2 Switzerland 2



    South Africa 2 Uzbekistan 2 United Arab Emirates 1 Ireland 1



    Estonia 1 Belgium 1 New Zealand 1 Belarus 1



    Singapore 1 Qatar 1 Turkey 1 Dominican Republic 1
    For some reason it doesnt paste right but there you go. 41 countries. I feel like I could host the olympics on my blog:-)

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