Vacation pt 0

Posted: November 24, 2013 by ashlynolive in Uncategorized

Good new, as you might know from the title 😀 .  Next weekend, after Thanksgiving, im going to Columbus to go shopping with one of my BFF’s! We’re going to stay in a hotel (hopefully with an indoor pool), and go… guessed! SHOPPING!

I watched Teen beach movie. Its really good. My favourite songs are “Falling for ya” and “Like me” look them up. Really good. Also “Crusin’ for a bruisin'” is good.


Outro of darkness, then redness, the whitenessssss, then BOOOP!

  1. Isn’t this awesome? I just learned how to use HTML tags and attributes.

  2.  Apparently that didn't work the last time. I tried using blockquote cite but it didn't work.  look I can do this to my comments now!
  3. See? Isn’t this awesome? The power of HTML tags! Ican show you how to do that.

  4. ashlynolive says:

    I didnt get a word you said

  5. Oh shoot! I can’t explain to you. Just use these< and put b in between them and it will make it bold print.

  6. Pero me gusta español mucho.

    • ashlynolive says:

      If you have trouble figuring out what to post, pick the best thing that happend this week. After you explain, random-ize it up. Ex:
      I have a saying…… i met One direction 5 times, multiply that by 6, add 10, then minus 40. Be jealous.
      Lol. So…..i want cake…and pie…….i might make a globe in SC….
      (Ex is over) its simple, really. Make it perky, fun, and random. Then you have the perfect post! 😀

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