Not posting much??? (Shrugs)

Posted: November 12, 2013 by ashlynolive in Uncategorized

Not sure why. But im sure about one thing. Im super freaked out. That’s what i get for reading creepypasta. If you have NO  (italics and boldface malfunctioning) idea what im talking about,or want two creepypastas to read,heres two (listed from scariest to not)

Explorers of death

Prevention of evolution

I hope you enjoy! Btw,im so scared,i refuse to play Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky!

  1. RosslynB says:

    Explorers of Death creeped me out, but I see no reason to stop playing Pokemon.

    Tip for the final Dusknoir battle: Immobilize. Dusknoir with an immobility seed. Then take out the Sableye.

  2. RosslynB says:

    The Stun Seed will work on Dialga. Don’t throw any Hunger Seeds, though. His ability prevents hunger.

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