Sneaky maze…

Posted: October 7, 2013 by ashlynolive in Uncategorized

Its awesome! Im using a texture and the glass is invisible! Theres lava,but some is covered with glass,but you can’t tell! 🙂Imagedefault texture

ImageTexture (mixymash.png)

 And this is my chunk thing screwing up(once,my whole world was invisible)Image

  1. Spottedcloud says:

    Glitch enterd. Sadly, this glitches has already been entered by a non-eligible-to-win player.

  2. Spottedcloud says:

    Also can u make link 4 texture pack? Can’t find it. O wait. Don’t have drop box. DANGIT! Tall yo mom: she u grow up!

  3. Spottedcloud says:

    Don’t let her comment back under yo username.

  4. RosslynB. says:

    My Mom let me do this since it got me to interact with other people. Every kid on this block has either cussed at me, publicly said they hate me, or just throw a baseball at my left eye. That kid still throws baseballs at me. I was at Hailey’s birthday party (oh snap! It’s the party on the 18th!) and everyone was playing a game where we try to throw baseballs at a batting net. The person who threw it closest to the target won. A girl and I were the kids who fetched all the tossed balls from around the net. All of a sudden, the kid who threw a baseball at my left eye hurled on into my stomach! And he just yelled “Bonus Round!” So everybody starts tossing baseballs at the kid in glasses. Then Hailey’s dad, a very tall Border Patrol agent, yells very loudly for the kids to stop it. As soon as his back turned, they went on to tossing baseballs. Worst night ever. Hailey’s party is coming up again on the 18th of this month. Wish me luck that I don’t get pelted with baseballs again.

  5. RosslynB. says:

    *one I misspelled.

  6. Omg rosslyn I feel the same way. It seems like I sit at the “misfit” table at lunch with just my one friend (who I think has gone insane) I don’t have many friends. Probably because in real life I’m too shy to say anything.

  7. Spottedcloud says:

    ME THERE TOO! It all started when my dad (the one I thought loved me) took my then 2 year old brother on a Disney cruise instead of his then 9 year old sister (me) who had never EVER been on a cruise and had wished out loud to go on 1 4 her birthday.

    My brother did not thank him for the cruise
    My brother does not remember the cruise
    The trip before the cruise (also including my brother, yet excluding me) dad said he would take me on a trip without my brother.

    I will never EVER forgive my dad. At least, not on the inside.

    • Spottedcloud says:

      Ment to say after the trip before the cruise

      • Spottedcloud says:

        Anyway I got super upset the day after he told me they went on a cruise and I broke down in class. Dad was awsome. Intill that happend. I still cry inside. But after my breakdown everyone saw me as “the kid with problems” . Not alot of my friends talked to me after that. Exept for this this one kid (Willowkit, from my blog). She had been told to help me through my first year of ODC, and she was NOT going to let other kids’ rumours stop her from doing what she was told. We are BFFs now. And then there is the kid u have a crush on that also helps u through, and its like so romantic. Since the kid was hanging political with me and the teacher hated my, of course she started yelling at him as much as she yelled at me. But in the end, I made it through. And now I’m here. The place I’m happy, unsupervised by the parents that try to ruin my life, and I like it that way.

      • ashlynolive says:

        I used to be really shy and have no friends,but i finally had the courage to make some friends. They are really nice,and showed how much they care cause Tori was almost crying when i passed out in school (dont ask) and they are funny,and a little insane. 🙂

  8. Spottedcloud says:

    Hanging political??? Where the fudge did that come from?????

    I meant hanging OUT.

    How does out even RELATE to political???

  9. Oh, Spottedcloud:-( I understand completely. People always wonder whyI am the way I am and why I don’t talk to anyone. What they don’t understand is all the sh*t I have gone through in my life. They wouldn’t last a day in my shoes. But I really don’t want to talk about my life story…

    • RosslynB. says:

      I’m the ‘kid who broke down silently when a baseball hit her smack in the left eye’. Mostly known as ‘the kid who hates everyone’. Just because I don’t hang with one kid doesn’t mean that I hate everyone. I had a good social life, up until 3rd grade. They thought I was a guy out of a horror movie. Just because I had short hair and it mostly showe the red doesn’t mean I’m out of a horror movie. In real life, I would not say a thing and just sit alone. I know how it feels.

      • Yeah. I’m viewed upon as the kid who doesn’t care. Throughout my life I have given complete trust to people who I thought were friends. And they betrayed me. So now I trust nobody, and seem to be suspicious of everyone, so people think I don’t like them. And then I just sit by myself in the back of the room and they think I don’t give a f*ck about anyone else. Once again, sorry for language.

  10. Oops I apologize for bad language…again…I’ve been bad with that lately.

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