Mario Kart-Rainbow Road

Posted: September 28, 2013 by ashlynolive in Uncategorized

Here ya go,Maggieblue.ImageImageImageImageImageImage

  1. Ashbuscus says:

    Theres a high chance your horse will die,or you fall off. I could barely do it in testing,plus,theres fire!

  2. It looks great. I can’t tell if you followed the track guidelines completely but I like it. I am waiting on epicusername, so when he is done I will post pics on my blog of each and let the viewers vote.

    If you win: I will allow you to make the real one which will be published.
    A few things to consider: It should be suspended high in the sky and at night. Perhaps add wicker lamps or other forms of lighting underneath the road to make it visible in the dark.
    Also: It needs to be just a tad wider so that horses can easily fit on it yet not so wide that there is no risk of falling off.

    Thank you for your help with this. I’m surprised only 2 people volunteered to do this.

  3. Ashbuscus says:

    Your welcome,but,one pronlem. I dont have a dropbox account…….wich is bad……

  4. Blackstone says:

    I think we’re gonna need super-buffed horses to not kill them on this track.

  5. RosslynB. says:

    Wow. Very… Wow. I have to get picture up now. BTW, how do you color your blog?

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