House requests??

Posted: September 16, 2013 by ashlynolive in Uncategorized

You guys seemed to have forgotten i take house requests! Ill need favourite Survivalcraft paint colour,and possibly favourite animal. And favourit Survivalcraft food. Im honestly not thatbad at building.Image   

  1. Make a nyan cat. Make a second one erm… about 50 blocks away. Connect the two with a black outline. Make an orca tank in the rainbow. Basically the same thing I ASKED WHITESTRIPE TO DO ABOUT 2 MONTHES AGO!!! 😡

  2. What happened to whitestripe? Hasnt been commenting anywhere and havent been able to get on her blog.

    • I got on her blog. But your right. Can’t find her.

      *looks at ze God Of Big Butts*

      But I know some one who might be able to locate her.

      ZE GOD OF.BIG BUTTS! Bring out… Ze Cake.

      • zegodofevil says:

        i don’t know where cake is…..and i have a supercomputer…….how do you think i go to all these blogs so fast?…..and my notifications get sent through brain waves into my brain….wich is how i find comments….i better pay back those aliens by getting em out of area 51

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