My Daily Routine

Posted: September 15, 2013 by ashlynolive in Uncategorized

(Random thought of the day: What if Captainsparklez followed my blog….i wanna cookie.)

So….i woke up,played my kindle,listened to Revenge,, got yelled at,took a shower,got sope up my nose,and shampoo in my eye,and that pretty much it.

Epic picture of tha day:Image[Edit] i also temporarily lost tha toster.


  1. ashlynolive says:

    I just realized i spelled soap wrong…..

  2. Blackstone says:

    I got shampoo up my nose once… It’s horrible, isn’t it?

  3. Blackstone says:

    Also, I luv CaptainSparklez revenge video. 100 million views! Insane! Also watch this:

    The first video is funny! And the one that goes: Hellow! Mah name is (duck with human arms and Pewdiepie’s head). Plehs don’t hurht mey.

  4. Ashbuscus says:

    I luv reven g e!i even downloaded it from music store! 😀

  5. I got shampoo in my eye once. And that’s why I’m half blind now!

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