Odd Competition.

Posted: September 10, 2013 by ashlynolive in Uncategorized

Whats up? Ashbuscus here,and i have a competition! I couldnt think of a good 1,so,u have 2 guess my favorite Survivalcraft animal. The winner gets a huge house,and some diamonds!! Good luck! [Edit] Whitestripe isnt in ’cause he/she knows the answer!!!!!

  1. Ashbuscus says:

    (Im making a short book! Yay!)
    The shadow magician
    By: Ashbuscus
    Prologue: Rain pounded,thunder roared in the distance,in the dark,i could see a shadowy figure,moving slowly across my yard. “Uh-oh…” i thought. “What??? Party crasher??” Asked a new voice. “Something much worse…the shadow magician…”Answered a third voice. ” You dont mean…” “Yes!” Three other voices said in unison. “The dark shall rise again!” [Thunder craked,making it more dramatic.]

  2. Spottedcloud says:

    Needs a broader entrance and less mystery. That should come in the middle of the boom so the readers get hooked. If readers wait forever for an awnser, they get board.

  3. Spottedcloud says:

    Ooo. And the white bull. Its my fav atleast.

  4. Ashbuscus says:

    Ze god of evil…i think u came close when u said gnu.

  5. zegodofevil says:

    THAT’S BULL! *smashes keyboard*

  6. Ashbuscus says:


  7. Spottedcloud says:

    Ash, all I have to say is that you are both the stupidest and derpyist person on the face of the planet.

    -_- your an offence to all humanity!!!

  8. Spottedcloud says:

    If u want a real challenge, geuss what this is:

    I float in the air,
    On special occasions,
    Alomg with goodie bags
    And I make a big mess.

  9. Blackstone says:

    Yay I won! Btw, my poor gerbil is on the brink of death… D; teary eyed face 😦

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